Kemble piano for sale, dublin, ireland
1985 Kemble
1985 Kemble
1985 Kemble

1985 Kemble

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Type: Overstrung/Underdamper Upright Piano

Brand: Kemble, UK
Finish: Satin Teak

Dimensions: Width: 142cm, Depth: 62cm, Height: 117cm

This stunning Kemble (who were owned by Yamaha in the mid 1980's) is completely restored, inside and out. After several months in the workshop, every aspect of this instrument is refinished to the highest standards. The casework now looks the same as when it was originally manufactured, having been stripped back, repaired and finished with many coats of the finest grade polish.

The brass trimmings included every screw, inside and out, are refinished and/or replaced in areas. The back of the piano is resprayed. The meticulously prepared internal mechanism known as the ‘action’ is thoroughly regulated and overhauled, with hundreds of new parts including new tapes, springs, felts, bushings, screws etc.

The hammers are resurfaced, realigned, and now perform at their optimum best. The keyboard and pedal maintenance results in a responsive touch and comfortable playing experience. The pedal section was removed and reconditioned: while pedals were out, the inner base of the piano resprayed. Pedals are regulated and new pads installed around them to reduce movement noise. Strings, pins, and soundboard are cleaned.

2 Year Extendable Warranty
Nationwide Ground Floor Delivery
New Adjustable Matching Stool (Worth: €195)

Warranty is renewed after two years if O'Briain Pianos or a third party tune your piano at least once a year.

Piano is tuned prior to delivery. It's important that you tune your piano after two months, as it takes two months for your piano to acclimatize and adapt to its new environment (Tuning Cost: €130).

During this 'settling in' period, a piano goes slightly out of tune. After this first tuning, your piano must be tuned at least once a year (Tuning Cost: €130).

If you are an intermediate to advanced level player, tuning every six months is advised.