1935 Berry (Restored)
1935 Berry (Restored)
1935 Berry (Restored)
1935 Berry (Restored)
1935 Berry (Restored)

1935 Berry (Restored)

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Type: Vertical Strung Overdamper Upright
Brand: Berry, London, Uk
Finish: Resprayed Rosewood/Mahogany
Year of Manufacture: 1935

A handsome compact beginners piano with very nice case and reconditioned internals. Although small in width, it is tall and slim depth wise, so has a great look for an apartment and can fit into a small lift. The keys are in excellent shape and tone is mellow with responsive action. Suitable for beginner to Grade 5. Finance is not available for this piano. Fixed low cash price, thank you

Jobs Completed:
Piano case and brass trimmings refinished
Action stripped, cleaned, re-centred and reassembled

New tapes and springs installed
Internal body pressure blasted and oiled
Hammers re-aligned, and hammer heads toned
Capstans and balance rail key pins cleaned
Key tops cleaned and whitened
Keys levelled and dip adjusted
Let-off and back-checks adjusted
Strings and soundboard cleaned
Tuned twice and regulated
Pedals lubricated and regulated
Name-board felt replaced

Width: 135cm
Depth: 55cm
Height: 116cm

Complementary Tuning on Arrival
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