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My work is an expression of myself and how I feel about my surroundings. I am self taught. I adore vibrant colour and expressive marks and that is reflected in my style. I often paint with my fingers (like a child!) but also work with palette knives and brushes. I like to experiment with different styles and textures. I feel very drawn to ‘suggestion’ , movement and colour and I try not to take it too seriously! I want my art to be joyful. Ruth’s journey through art has been like any great voyage, full of ups and downs and swings and roundabouts! Having developed a love of art and expression as a child and from her studies in school, Ruth took a sideways move into a similar creative world as a leading marketing and advertising specialist but has always enjoyed art as a hobby and a form of therapeutic expression. Ruth kept her art fueled throughout her life while committing to a busy career and raising two small children. She is now a full time artist working from her home studio in Dublin.

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