1941 Collard & Collard (Full Restoration)
1941 Collard & Collard (Full Restoration)
1941 Collard & Collard (Full Restoration)
1941 Collard & Collard (Full Restoration)
1941 Collard & Collard (Full Restoration)

1941 Collard & Collard (Full Restoration)

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Type: Overstrung/Underdamper Upright Piano
Brand: Collard & Collard, UK
Finish: Satin Mahogany
Date of Manufacture: 1941

Collard and Collard are one of the early makers in the UK, being established in 1767. This piano was built considerably later, in 1941.  It's finished in a newly resprayed mahogany cabinet, and with all the brass being polished too, does look very smart. Collard & Collard are around such a long time that they played a big role in the evolution of the piano, it's design and internal working parts. Many other piano makers learnt from them and adapted their ideas to suit their own instruments.

Finance is not available on this piano, thank you.

Dimensions: Width: 140cm, Depth: 60cm, Height: 119cm

After several months in the workshop, every aspect of this instrument is refinished to the highest standards. The casework now looks the same as when it was originally manufactured, having been stripped back, repaired and finished with many coats of the finest grade polish.

The brass trimmings included every screw, inside and out, are refinished and/or replaced in areas. The back of the piano is resprayed and fully lined. The meticulously prepared internal mechanism known as the ‘action’ is thoroughly regulated and overhauled, with hundreds of new parts including new tapes, springs, felts, bushings, screws etc.

The hammers are resurfaced, realigned, and now perform at their optimum best. The keyboard and pedal maintenance results in a responsive touch and comfortable playing experience. The pedal section was removed and reconditioned: while pedals were out, the inner base of the piano resprayed. Pedals are regulated and new pads installed around them to reduce movement noise. Strings, pins, and soundboard are cleaned.

Each ivory key was put through a cleaning and whitening process using ultra violet light. Piano is tuned, toned and ready to play. Fully restored to last a lifetime and become a true family heirloom.

Five Year Warranty

  • Fully restored, internally reconditioned and partially rebuilt
  • Case stripped, sanded and sprayed in several coats of high grade Satin polish
  • Internal mechanism stripped, cleaned, reassembled, aligned and centred
  • Hammer heads resurfaced/reshaped and toned for better sound quality
  • Strings, agraffes, pins, bridges, hitch pins, frame and soundboard cleaned
  • Pedal section removed, base of piano sprayed and pedals section painted
  • All brass works removed and finished to a mirror shine on a spinning wheel
  • Key tops whitened using bleach and ultra-violet light, keys levelled and dip adjusted
  • Capstans and balance rail pins cleaned, name-board felt replaced, bushings replaced
  • All screws removed, including large cast iron frame screws and finished on a wheel
  • Back of piano sprayed and lining replaced, castor wheels replaced where needed
  • Full tape and jack spring replacement, over 170 new internal action parts
  • Piano tuned twice and regulated for optimal performance
  • Ideal for all levels of player, from beginner to advanced

Annual tuning starts at €120 depending on location