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Upright Piano Tuning: €130
Upright Piano Tuning, Regulation & Service: €250

Grand Piano Tuning: €160
Grand Piano Tuning, Regulation & Service: €300

What is piano tuning? Tuning an upright piano is the process of giving each sound the appropriate frequency for it. In addition, the tuner’s task is to correctly select the pitch of the sounds, so that the chords played over the span of the entire keyboard sound consistent and harmonious.

What is piano regulation? Regulation refers to the adjustment of the touch – the way the keys feel and respond to your playing. An important process, often neglected.

What's involved in a piano service? The internal mechanism known as the action is removed and thoroughly overhauled. All parts are aligned, centered, and lubricated to perform correctly. Hammer heads are voiced to improve sound quality. Pedals are regulated and re-padded to reduce noise when in operation. Anything in need of repair or replacement, such as Jack Springs, Loop Chords, Felts, Bushings, are done on location and if the work is more extensive, parts are taken away and fixed in workshop. Servicing does not involve internal or external cleaning or polishing. It covers almost every aspect of the pianos maintenance and the goal is to improve the pianos sound and performance capabilities.

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We cover Dublin, Kildare, Meath, Wicklow, and Wexford Only

Tuning is not available after 12 noon. Mornings only.

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