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A silent piano is a real piano, not an electric piano, which enables the player to plug headphones into their piano, so that no one else can hear them play. When the headphones are not plugged in, the piano is listened to as normal by others around you in the immediate environment.

Many of our silent pianos are found in flats, apartments, and semi-detached houses, where sometimes neighbours or landlords may complain about the volume of a piano that does not have a silent system. One of our customers is a piano teacher who teaches piano all day in an apartment, using two sets of headphones, one for her and one for the student, without ever being heard by neighbours. 

When learning piano, we often have to repeatedly play the same scales, arpeggios, and pieces, in order to practice and become better players. A silent piano is ideal for this because you can play the same thing over and over without worrying that you are boring the people around you who would normally have to listen to this monotonous practicing. You can even play while your partner watches a movie in the same room.  

In the morning, afternoon, evening, or night... from now on, play whenever you like! What these silent pianos do is enable the player to enjoy the best of both worlds - keep the acoustic experience of playing a weighted 88 key piano, but also have the ability to switch off external sound. It's a revolutionary experience for those who want the feel and sound of an acoustic piano but are worried about disturbing the family or neighbours.

We supply Danemann silent pianos which are high quality and considered the best value range in the current market. By nature, silent pianos are expensive, but with Danemann they are affordable and use the same internal system found in high end silent pianos. We can demonstrate how they work at our Lucan, Dublin showrooms.

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