New Danemann DU110 (Silent System)
New Danemann DU110 (Silent System)
New Danemann DU110 (Silent System)
New Danemann DU110 (Silent System)
New Danemann DU110 (Silent System)
New Danemann DU110 (Silent System)
New Danemann DU110 (Silent System)
New Danemann DU110 (Silent System)
New Danemann DU110 (Silent System)

New Danemann DU110 (Silent System)

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The DU110 Silent Acoustic Piano is a compact and budget-friendly upright for those who don’t want to compromise on quality.

In the morning, afternoon, evening, or night... From now on, play whenever you like! We install silent systems in almost any contemporary acoustic piano. What these pianos do is enable the player to enjoy the best of both worlds - keep the acoustic experience of played a weighted 88 key piano, but also have the ability to switch off external sound. It's a revolutionary experience for those who want the feel of an acoustic piano but are worried about disturbing the family or neighbours. 

What is a Silent Piano?
A silent piano gives you the option of playing whenever you want without others hearing you. Modern acoustic pianos fitted with a Silent System offer many benefits:

You mute your piano and listen to what you are playing through headphones
The player is more creative when not being disturbed or heard by others
You set up different volume levels and timbres to be enjoyed in your headphones

Ideal for beginner and intermediate players alike, the DU110 Silent Piano combines all of the stylistic principles of the Danemann collection. They are affordable without cutting any corners, offering reliability in terms of both sound and performance. For ambitious novice players, this offers the ideal stepping stone to establish your practice. And for established players, this is the perfect secondary practice piano for a home studio or practice space. The Danemann DU110 offers a sound to rival a much larger upright.

Notable features of the Danemann DU110 include the weighty action which provides a satisfying and responsive playing experience. The hard wearing levers and keys ensure this piano will stand the test of time. Danemann pianos are traditionally seen in schools and practice spaces, and this model is no exception. The sleek casing will fit seamlessly with any decor, available in polished black, bold white or rich mahogany to suit your needs. The Danemann DU110 would be the perfect addition to a music school, offering a sturdy and reliable piano for a lifetime of learning.

  • Finishes: Polished ebony chrome fittings
  • Alt Finish: Polished walnut brass fittings
  • Width: 145cm
  • Height: 113cm
  • Depth: 60cm
  • Number of Keys: 88
  • Key Surfaces: White acrylic, black phenolic resin
  • Pedal Type: The soft pedal, muffler pedal, damper pedal
  • Caster Type: Double casters
  • Tone Escape: Yes
  • Key Cover: Lid
  • Fallboard Locks: No
  • Soft-Close Fallboard: Yes

Our price includes: 
New Adjustable Matching Stool
Complementary Tuning on Arrival

Free Nationwide Delivery & Set Up

5 Year Warranty (Valid once tuned annually)

Tuning is €100 per year.