Hailun 5P for sale dublin, ireland
Hailun 5P for sale dublin, ireland
Hailun 5P for sale dublin, ireland
Hailun 5P for sale dublin, ireland
Hailun 5P for sale dublin, ireland
Hailun 5P for sale dublin, ireland
Hailun 5P for sale dublin, ireland
Hailun 5P for sale dublin, ireland
Hailun 5P for sale dublin, ireland
Hailun 5P for sale dublin, ireland
Hailun 5P for sale dublin, ireland

New Hailun H-5P

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Ebony Case with Brass Trimmings and Fittings

Award Winning Piano and Popular Among Professional Players

The Hailun H-5P is ideal for all levels of player, from beginner to advanced and is a piano with a big presence, rich warm tone and powerful presence when required. It has long strings and a large soundboard, giving it a broad even sound and significant volume when required. This model is Hailun's best selling piano on account of its tonal qualities, versatility, dynamics, and ability to keep up with the seasoned player. 

Designed for the larger studio, the H-5P Professional Studio piano is powerful and well balanced with a colourful tone. Cold pressed hammers of highest quality German Würzen felt are the heart of the sound. Tuning and action stability are ensured with the multi-laminate maple pin block, bass agraffes, full perimeter wet sand cast plate, and the exclusive PAS Keyboard Stability system.


It's a professional upright that delivers both the touch and sound required by even the most demanding of musicians. It features a slow fall lid system to protect fingers when closing lid, which also protects the piano from damage. The practice pedal is handy for quiet play, where the player may want to practice scales without disturbing anyone else in the room. 

Superior Parts: Reinforced German felt hammers, wood parts made of hornbeam, and an aluminium with a maple core action rail. The action is geared at professional users and aims at providing maximum performance for the pianist.

  • Cabinet Height: 50 in. (127cm.)
  • Depth: 23.2 in. (59 cm.)
  • Width: 59 in. (150 cm.)
  • Plate: Wet sand cast; full perimeter for strength and tuning stability
  • Soundboard: 1,891 square inches–all mountain spruce with 15 degree spruce meniscus coating for climatic resistance and flexibility
  • String: German Röslau, Copper-steel bead, Steel Pressure Bar for cleaner termaination and clarity in treble
  • Bass: Agraffes
  • No. 1 Bass String Speaking Length: 48.2 in.
  • Pin Block: Multi-laminate 17 layers maple
  • Tuning Pins: # 45 steel, chromium sealed
  • Ribs: 11 quarter sawn spruce
  • Back-posts: 4
  • Action: Hailun Performance Plus™ design European hornbeam
  • Action Rail: Hard maple
  • Hammers: German quality FFW felt, Wurzen Co., Germany. Cold pressed felt hammers; Mahogany hammer moulding
  • Keys: Naturals-Laminated spruce with red beech shoes, buttons and dowel capstans; weighted and balanced. Sharps-Ebony wood Bridges: Solid maple-hand notched
  • Bass Bridge: Solid maple
  • Casters: Double solid brass
  • Pedals: Solid brass; Soft-Sustaining-Mute
  • Features: Cabinet top: split-lid with brass hinge; front open; fallboard: slow close; bench: adjustable with music storage

2 Year Warranty
Nationwide Ground Floor Only Delivery
Piano is Set Up & Fine Tuned on Arrival
New Adjustable Matching Stool
23% VAT Included

It's important to tune your piano after roughly two months, as your piano will go slightly out of tune as it acclimatizes to its new environment. Tuning Cost: €130

We provide ground floor only delivery. If the piano must go up a staircase, this is done by professional movers with insurance, and at your expense. We can recommended movers, but first require a WhatsApp video which begins at the outside of your house and then films the route through the front door and up the staircase, finishing up at the spot you would like the piano to end up. Please send video to: 0871497607