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House contents are usually valued low for Probate purposes as most executors find that there is no real market for antique items. On account of their size and weight, a grand piano is often the last house hold item to be removed during a goods clearance. You must first find a new owner who wants the piano, which is the hardest part and can take months to do. Then it has to be tuned or serviced by a professional technician prior to selling, as a piano is first and foremost a musical instrument and must play properly in order for it to sell, as people nowadays no longer accept pianos as just being a nice piece of furniture. Finally, to have it removed, a professional piano moving company must be used, as many regular furniture removal companies won't take a piano with the other house hold items.

O'Briain Pianos provide a free and permanent removal service providing the piano is reasonably good, in restorable condition, has no woodworm or major cracks, can hold its tune, and is situated on a ground floor.

Please Note: We don't buy pianos or donate them to charity, thank you!

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